What does Matt speak about? Here, take a peek.

Life wasn’t easy when I was first injured. A crash off a 600ft cliff took so much from me. I had to relearn everything. Sustaining a life changing injury forced me to adapt. The beginning was a wild roller coaster ride. Loss of bladder and bowel control was humbling. I worked hard in creating my new normal. What I thought was normal turned out to be the opposite. I was living the life that was put in front of me. A simple task for some people turned out to be a nightmare for me. Accomplishing those worse nightmare tasks turned out to be motivational. I didn’t plan to be motivating. I was just being me. What I did plan for was to never give up, laugh daily and love unconditionally.

You can accomplish anything with the right mindset. Wait, I wont lie. There are some things scientifically that you can’t do. But in trying, you can better yourself. You may not even better yourself in the way you planned. This is what happened to me….

You could have this and more.

Matt is motivational and the story he tells is life changing. He’s the perfect speaker for any event. Interested in booking Matt for your event?

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