Traveling with no plan can get a little confusing. Our plan was to have no plan and it’s working out wonderfully.  We knew we wanted to visit Vieques, a small island to the East of Puerto Rico. Before leaving our hotel room on our first morning in Old San Juan we set up flights to Vieques. Our plan was to leave early Wednesday the 7th…but that plan didn’t work out. While purchasing our tickets we accidently bought tickets from Vieques to San Juan when we really needed our flights to be reversed. Oops!

We showed up to the airport and handed our identification cards to the ticketing agent. She asked for our confirmation number because she couldn’t see our names on any of today’s flights. After searching the confirmation number we learned that we botched our flights. The airline worked with us to change our flights. All the flights on the 7th were sold out so we had to push our flight a day back. That’s not a problem for people like Emily and me, however! We laughed and started looking for something to do in San Juan for one last night.

Emily found a hotel close to the airport and we hailed a cab. When we got to the hotel we noticed it was a little nicer than what we expected. There were no rooms available when we tried to check in so we had to kill some time. As we walked around the hotel we noticed a small casino, beach access from the hotel lobby and an amazing pool and hot tub. We pulled out some cash and played slots for about half an hour. Once we were bored of being indoors we wandered outside. Emily found a dope hammock to lay in and I found an outdoor couch, so we had some alone time until our room was ready.

We took our bags to our room and changed into our swimsuits.  We hung out on the beach, pool and hot tub all day, and enjoyed pina coladas (my first one!) What happened yesterday is a great example of how powerful your reaction is when your plans change unexpectedly. We could have been pissed and grumpy but we chose to laugh and find another way to have an awesome day.

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