I've been a bit of a nomad over the past few years but I've finally settled down in Oakland. Traveling is important for my sanity so this week on Adapt I take a train ride. All aboard! 
Europe is known for exceptional public transportation especially trains. Here in the SF Bay Area, we have trains their just a little slower. We have Bart, Amtrak and Cal Train. You can move around the Bay Area relatively easily using them all. Amtrak is only a few blocks from my front door so I figured I'd hop on to test the tracks. 

First, I chose my destination and purchased my tickets. Second, I packed my day bag and went to the station. Traveling can be stressful especially if you're flying. It's not the flying aspect that is anxiety provoking, it's going through security screening, preboarding the plane using an aisle chair, and not knowing if your chair is going to make it to the next destination without damage or even at all. The train station had zero security, boarding the train was simple and you get to keep your chair close by. If the damn train could take me to the other side of the country in 6 hours like a plane I'd use it as my main source of transportation. 

The views along the ride were breathtaking. I didn't pass anything spectacular but I was seeing part of California from that you can only see from the tracks. Amtrak also offers food and drink service. The only thing is it's upstairs and not accessible. Luckily, Emily was with me but I'm sure I could have asked the staff or another rider to help me out. Not everything is perfect and I agree it's not fair but unless you plan on advocating you have to deal the hand you were delt. I have no problem suckering an able-bodied person into fetching my food.

We decided to check out the California Indian Museum once we got to Sacramento. It was about 1.7 miles from the train station so we decided to walk. I'm so happy we did because we were able to enjoy street art. I love when cities commission artists to make the city pretty. 

It just so happened to be an annual event at the Indian Museum. The grass area outside was filled with multiple tribes that gather annually to recognize their elders. I lost track of time and forgot to check out the museum before I had to head back to the train station. Looks like I need to plan another trip soon.